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How Google Develops New Managers

Alex Langshur, host of Google Partners Podcasts, has organized the podcast Google HR secrets: identifying & developing great managers, interviewing Sarah Calderon, People Development at Google, on how... [more]

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9 hours ago Postmates Postmates 9 hours ago

What is PUPMATES? We&#39ll Let the Canine Companions for Independence Tell You

Earlier this week, Postmates announced our partnership with Tito’s Handmade Vodka, where we’ve been offering free delivery on all Drinks Collection orders. And the offer’s still good... [more]

11 hours ago Talkin' Cloud Vmware Guest Blogger 11 hours ago

Digital Transformation: Give the People What They Want (and Need)

Technology is the digital transformation enabler, but the end goal should be making internal and external customers more productive, more engaged, more collaborative, more agile and more... [more]


11 hours ago ChannelE2E Joe Panettieri 11 hours ago

Avaya Emerges From Chapter 11 Bankruptcy; Partner Focus Intact

Avaya completes debt restructuring, emerges from chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, maintains channel partner focus & preps Avaya Engage 2018 conference. The post Avaya Emerges From Chapter 11... [more]

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12 hours ago diginomica Phil Wainewright 12 hours ago

When quality design fails – the Fitbit Charge HR Half Bar of Death

Here's how I've put right quality design fails on my Fitbit Charge HR such as the Half Bar Of Death from a frozen firmware update and when the back came off The post When quality design fails –... [more]

12 hours ago SecurityWeek Eduard Kovacs 12 hours ago

Hackers Target Security Firm Fox-IT

Fox-IT, the Netherlands-based cybersecurity firm owned by NCC Group, revealed on Thursday that it had been the victim of a man-in-the-middle (MitM) attack made possible by DNS records getting changed... [more]

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13 hours ago ChannelE2E Joe Panettieri 13 hours ago

Three Benefits of Bundled Managed IT Services

Bundling services gives MSPs an opportunity to demonstrate the value of their services in a straightforward way. Datto's Eric Torres explains how. The post Three Benefits of Bundled Managed IT... [more]

13 hours ago IT Business Edge 13 hours ago

What Security Pros Need to Understand About the Dark Web

The Dark Web has many uses, both legal and illegal. Security professionals need to understand a set of terms that explain these... [more]

14 hours ago Ray Wenderlich Brian Moakley 14 hours ago

Screencast: What&#39s New in Swift 4: Objective-C Inference

In previous versions of Swift, Objective-C inference was automatic, but now with Swift 4, we have to opt into it. This screencast will show you the ropes. The post Screencast: What’s New in... [more]

14 hours ago GCN 14 hours ago

IBM expands cloud-based quantum access

Members of the IBM Q Network will have cloud-based access to the 20-qubit IBM Q system and eventually to the company's 50-qubit prototype... [more]

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14 hours ago ChannelE2E Ty Trumbull 14 hours ago

Addigy Gains Apple Mac Management, Monitoring Momentum

Addigy's cloud-based remote monitoring & management (RMM) platform for Apple Macs gains momentum despite big rival JAMF in the corporate IT market. The post Addigy Gains Apple Mac Management,... [more]

14 hours ago AWS [email protected] 14 hours ago

AWS Server Migration Service is now available in US West (Northern California) Region

AWS Server Migration Service (SMS) is now available to customers in the US West (Northern California) Region. AWS Server Migration Service is an agentless service which makes it easier and faster for... [more]

17 hours ago Light Reading 17 hours ago

Huawei Trumpets 'Future-Proof' Network

Huawei says it will work with operators to construct a future-proof network that is driven by both technological development and business... [more]

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19 hours ago SecurityWeek Ionut Arghire 19 hours ago

New "PRILEX" ATM Malware Used in Targeted Attacks

Trend Micro security researchers recently discovered a highly targeted piece of malware designed to steal information read more... [more]

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19 hours ago The Register Simon Sharwood 19 hours ago

Cable Labs gives OpenStack, and itself, some help on the edge

Serverless functions running on a set-top box could be a thing before long CableLabs, the organisation that figures out to help pay TV operators sweat their networks, has launched OpenStack installers... [more]

20 hours ago Enterprise Cloud News Mitch Wagner 20 hours ago

Google Nabs Former Cloud Holdout Etsy

Etsy once said the cloud wasn't for them, but now they're taking their IT to Google Cloud, in a pairing-off against mutual competitor Amazon.... [more]

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21 hours ago AWS [email protected] 21 hours ago

Amazon ECS and Amazon ECR now available in São Paulo and Mumbai regions.

Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) and Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon ECR) are now available in South America (São Paulo) and Asia Pacific (Mumbai)... [more]

yesterday SiliconANGLE Duncan Riley yesterday

Bitcoin prices recover as Japanese housewives blamed for speculative bubble

The prices of bitcoin and bitcoin futures rose in trading Thursday, resuming a record-breaking bull run, or speculative bubble, that has now been partly blamed on Japanese housewives. Bitcoin futures... [more]

yesterday The Register Thomas Claburn yesterday

Kubernetes 1.9 version bump is near – with APIs to extend the system

Latest container wrangling bits should drop on Friday Assuming a handful of lingering issues can be resolved, the open-source Kubernetes project will introduce version 1.9 on... [more]

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